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Welcome to the geeVeeApps website. This website provides information and support for iPhone and iPad apps described below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

iPhone Football Quick Picks

FAST, FREE & FUN. Accumulate points by picking winners of weekly football games. Compete globally or with friends.

SCORING. Each night after a day of games, award points for correct picks are tallied, and global scores & rankings are posted for all app players.

LATE JOINERS are accommodated and assigned the favored team for any missed games, and awarded points accordingly.

SLOW STARTERS. Don't worry about having a slow start when it comes to scoring. Awarded points for correct picks increase each week allowing slow starters and late joiners to catch early leaders.

TOP TIER ARCHIVES. Take a look at our Top Tier players from past seasons.

DOWNLOADABLE 2013 GAME DATA. Tech-savvy folks might find this game results data (in CSV format) useful in developing a future pick strategy.

iPhone Tap Tap Trader

TAP TAP TRADER takes the rapid action of stock market day trading to a micro level. During a single trading session, generate as much cash as possible by buying and selling play stocks. Each trading session presents a unique scenario with random stock fluctuations. At the end of a trading session, the game score is the amount of cash generated.

Tap Tap Trader is available on the iPhone App Store.

iPhone clueless crossword

CLUELESS CROSSWORD is a game based on crossword puzzles. But unlike traditional crossword puzzles, Clueless Crossword has no clues. Instead, letters are selected from a small set and inserted into a puzzle to form the words. Scoring is based on how quickly correct letters are inserted. This game is fast-paced and easy to learn. Being clueless has its advantages.

Clueless is available on the iPhone App Store.

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